[Event Recap] Maple Leaf Bash — Autodrome St. Eustache Quebec — July 30th & 31st, 2011

In 2011 Club Loose went International by working with David De Somma in making Maple Leaf Bash. This is the 1st event in Canada that that brought the elements of Drifting and partying like the annual Club Loose East Coast Bash. Me and Ed Tini were the only 2 Club Loose drivers to participate in the event and I must say it was well worth it!

As usual I got a late start heading out and me and Steve didn’t get to Tim’s House until almost 10:00. When I got there Matt and Tim were already hours deep into the party. We had to load up the 2 mopeds and get on the road. We were on the road by 10:30 and I kept a decent pace with the hope of getting an hour or 2 of sleep before the Event started.

At 5:00AM we hit the last stop int he US to grab a quick bite to eat. We saw the sunrise while we were there

Only about 45 minutes after crossing the border, we were passing through Montreal City

Drivers Meeting

The Front Course

At Night

The back course was the highlight of the weekend. It was never used for drifting mainly because there are no stands for spectators and tho muffle the sound from the surrounding areas. We were entering along a concrete wall. They put some noodles along to give use something to aim for!

Good friend Ed Tini ripping it up in his LS7 350Z

Matt Waldin following me in his street 350Z down the long chicane of the back course

Coming around the big sweeper on the back course it was easy to overshoot and plow the hay bails as shown by this R32

I had one off road excursion that cost me a bent tie rod and a broken tension rod. Thankfully I had brought nearly every part i could possibly break to keep me on the track the entire weekend

The amount of enthusiasm of the spectators and supporters of drifting in Canada is unbelievable!

Matt Petty wanted to make the weekend interesting by having some games/contests. The table game will really test your car control. The objective is to throw the car into drift and park the car parallel to the table as close as you can without touching it. The local drivers just didn’t get it and complained until we just stopped.

Birdseye view of the front course from the top of the bleachers at sundown.

After the drifting ended, most people camped out in tents on the grounds of the track. There were bonfires everywhere

Here is an awesome video from Jordan Hamelin of JHD Productions.

Here is a bunch of raw on car clips from the weekend.

Ill leave you with this

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    100 mph entry. I bleieve I need to really get to know my new car haha this should be fun. I ain’t scurred

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