Nick D’Alessio was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA He was an avid car enthusiast from his childhood. He pursued school to get his degree in Electronic Engineering after high school. Before Nick finished school, he landed a great position as an Electronic Technician for Bombardier Transportation.  Although he was in a secure position making a great salary at a young age, he was not satisfied. He needed to follow his passion for motorsports.

     In November of 2000, at the age of 20, Nick opened up a shop that eventually evolved into building sport compact cars for various forms of racing.  Because of his unsurpassed customer service and determination to give the customers 110% of what they expected, business began to grow. He continued to try expand the business while keeping his 3rd shift position at Bombardier and basically being a “zombie” for many years to come with his girlfriend (Currently Wife) and family.

     In 2003, Nick resigned from his position at Bombardier and worked full time at Impulse. His reputation grew, and he met alot of people in the industry. At this time he started drag racing Honda’s in local Series. He began to create a name for himself and became the go to guy in Philadelphia for Import Performance. As his need for engines and parts from Japan increased, his business was calling for a change.

     In 2005, Nick joined with one of his suppliers and combined forces to import the best parts and drivetrains from Japan as well as provide top notch service to his customers such as installations and sourcing hard to find parts. His views differed from those of his partners, and decided it was best to move on his own.

     In 2007, Elite JDM was born. Since the start of this new venture, Nick has spent countless days and nights, researching to create a business that is reliable and effective in sourcing parts/drivetrains, giving top notch customer service, and providing customers what they ask for and not just what they want to hear. Like business’ in Japan, honesty and loyalty are his main concerns.

     Since importing from Japan became his main focus, drifting caught his eye. It wasn’t until 2008 that Nick actually went out to see his first Club Loose Event at Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ. After riding with a few drivers, he was hooked. He quickly took an S13 coupe shell that he had laying around (I had given a customer a few hundred dollar credit towards a swap he was buying) and made it “drift ready” with an SR20DE swap, a set of coilovers and a diff. He had it thrown together in time for the last event in 2008.

     During the winter of 2008, Nick decided it was something he really wanted to pursue. He added some adjustable arms, an upgraded SR20DE with Tomei ITB’s and some other goodies. He attended every Club Loose event in the 2009 season. By the end of the year, he grasped the idea of drifting and how to do it, he just needed to fine tune his technique.

     In 2010, Nick added a bit more power by swapping in a turbo SR20. Again he hit all the events, and mid-season he installed a roll cage so he could get his feet wet running tandem. Only one month later, Nick was on the road to Xenia, Ohio for Street Life Tour 2010. It was a great experience, as It was his first competition, and he was able to finish in the top 8.

     In 2011, Nick ran all Club Loose Events including the 1st time ever drifting at New Jersey Motorsports Park, & first International event at St. Eustache Autodrome in Quebec. He also ran the entire Xtreme Drift Circuit’s east series along with their International round in conjunction with DMCC in Canada & the championship round at Texas Motor Speedway where he finished on the podium in 3 place. He also ran the Hold the Line Formula D ProAM series Taking home the Chapionship and earning a Formula D Professional License.

Career Highlights


Top 32 Finish  Formula Drift Round 7, The Final Fight – Irwindale, CA

Top 32 Finish  Formula Drift Round 4, The Gauntlet – Wall, NJ

Top 32 Finish  Formula Drift Round 1, Streets of Long Beach – Long Beach, CA


Hold The Line Formula D ProAM Champion

3rd Place Finish / 6th Place Qualifier  XDC Championship Round 8, Texas Motor Speedway – Fort Worth, TX

1st Place Qualifier / 3rd Place Finish Hold The Line Formula D ProAM Round 3, Raceway Park – Englishtown, NJ

6th Place Qualifier / Top 8 Finish DMCC Round 6, Autodrome St. Eustache – St. Eustache, QC

1st Place Qualifier / 3rd Place Finish Hold The Line Formula D ProAM Round 2, Raceway Park – Englishtown, NJ

Top 16 Finish XDC Round 5, Charlotte Motor Speedway – Concord, NC

Top 16 Finish XDC Round 4, Summit Point Motorsports Park – Summit Point, WV

2nd Place Qualifier / Top 8 Finish Hold The Line Formula D ProAM Round 1, Monticello Motor Club – Monticello, NY


Top 8 Finish Street Life Tour, Kilkare Speedway – Xenia, OH  (Nick’s 1st ever Drift competition)